Poll: Social Media in Education

  1. Gah! This is, clearly, where I think too much. Because as much as I’m all about social media, it seems to me that people do (or don’t) want to incorporate it simply as a knee jerk reaction. Do I believe social media can help to engage students? Absolutely, for many reasons. But do I believe social media *should be* incorporated? Not necessarily. If done poorly, you negatively taint opinions on both the class subject matter and social media in general. It might be the new shiny toy on the block, but using social media means you need to be more accessible, more attentive to your users than just holding office hours and hoping they’ll come seek you out. If you only want to spend 30 minutes grading your students, then you don’t want to put in the time and effort that social media requires (you know, the creation of engaged conversation means that the instructor must also be engaged in the conversation; otherwise, you’re TOTALLY doing it wrong).

    So I find myself being the only person saying no. Does this mean I need to find a new job?

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