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edtech podcast #9: data data everywhere and not a drop to drink

In episode #9 Brian & I use a recent conference he attended on Clickers to explore issues related to teaching practices. We discuss issues such as the apparent conflict teachers face when deciding how to teach their students. Do they teach for student happiness or do they teach for learning? Are these mutually exclusive options? Is it a problem of the education structure? Or is it a reaction toward the way we’ve moved as a society? We also take some time to discuss the ethical considerations we must consider when piloting in the classroom with real students when the stakes are high. What responsibility do we have to ensure we do not have a negative impact on the student experience? Does this conflict with our responsibility to conduct research that furthers teaching & learning practice? As always, your input is welcome.

edtech podcast #9


edtech podcast #7: what do we mean when we talk about academic rigor?

In this podcast Brian & I discuss the notion of academic rigor. Using the book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa as a starting point, we explore what we mean we when we talk about a rigorous education and if and how it fits into our cultural and economic understanding of the purpose of a college degree.

edtech podcast #7: what do we mean when we talk about academic rigor?

edtech podcast #6: what if students built the lms?

Several student driven LMS initiatives have popped up lately. One in Stanford. One at the University of Pennsylvania. And, one here at Penn State. In episode #6 Brian & I explore the cause behind this movement. What’s so bad about what’s currently out there that it would push students to build their own learning management system? What’s different? What can we learn? We’ll also discuss the topic of academic rigor. There’s been some recent articles indicating we may not be doing enough to provide students with opportunities to engage with content.

EdTech Podcast #6: What if students built the LMS?

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edtech podcast #5: are we teaching or training?

Inspired by last week’s learning design community meeting Brian & I debate the quality of online learning. Can we create online experiences that equal face-to-face classroom experiences? Is online learning being used as an economic cop-out? How much of learning in either realm is training and how much is actually teaching?

edtech podcast #5: are we teaching or training?

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EdTech Podcast #3: Real or Real Like?

Episode #3: Real or Real Like?

Is the experience of enjoying The Monkees any less real to the person individual because they do not meet the traditional understanding of a music band? What about learning experiences? Are they different to the end user because they are delivered by other than authentic, experiential means? I’m really struggling with the notion of authenticity. What is authentic? In this episode Brian & I discuss the philosophical meaning of a 60s pop phenomenom and what it means to education.

As always, comments most welcome.

EdTech podcast #2: Media is crap?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Comments & feedback most welcome. As are questions.

EdTech Podcast #2: Media is Crap?
Brian & I look at the role media plays in teaching & learning. How does the choice of media shape the meaning of the message? How does media influence pedagogical strategy? Does it matter which form of media is used to deliver content?

EdTech Podcast #1: The Human-Technology Ecosystem

Hi Everyone,

Brian Young & I put together a podcast aimed at exploring technology in education. We hope to go beyond the obvious and into the essence of the relationship between technology in education, it’s meaning and how we can inform our practice. We don’t claim to have all the answers in fact we have questions. Our conversation is meant to be an exploration of a topic and not a definitive answer or solution. We hope the podcast stirs conversation amongst our community.

In our initial episode we talk about the Human Technology Ecosystem. I’m referring to the interaction that occurs when human beings use technology to express themselves and to communicate with others. This interaction is twofold: Between people with technology serving as the medium, or part of the medium for discourse, and between people and the technology they are using. In all instances each component, as well as other components that are situation dependent, is needed to make possible and sustain the other. We touch on topics such as augmented reality, Second Life, Clickers, Facebook, & Twitter.

We hope to make this a semi-regular podcast (perhaps weekly?) and would like your feedback. Thanks.

EdTech Podcast #1: The Human-Technology Ecosystem (